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Embedded Chat

Easily embed your HubSpot live chat or chat bot directly into your landing pages enabling personalized and interactive conversations that drive conversions.

Add a chatflow to this page in your HubSpot Portal

Transforming HubSpot Chatbots into Conversational Pages

Discover a powerful feature within the Generator theme for HubSpot CMS that revolutionizes the way you create landing pages. With this no-code solution, you can effortlessly convert your HubSpot chatbots into interactive conversational landing pages, eliminating the need for coding or developer intervention.

How does it work?

When a visitor lands on your conversational landing page, they can seamlessly engage with a chatbot specifically crafted within your HubSpot portal. By establishing a connection between the visitor and your HubSpot CRM, the conversation is recorded for future reference, while the bot's inquiries automatically populate the corresponding properties on their CRM Contact record.

Why is this important?

Conversational landing pages offer an immersive and dynamic experience that outperforms traditional forms, resulting in significantly higher lead conversion rates. Embrace this innovative approach to engage your audience and unlock the full potential of your HubSpot-powered website.

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