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Advanced HubSpot Onboarding & Consulting

Work with a certified Technical HubSpot Solutions partner who can help your team develop strategy and provide hands-on support.

Discovery & Strategy

Initiating the HubSpot Onboarding experience, we engage in a thorough Discovery process, meticulously tailored to define your organization's marketing and sales automation objectives.

This essential step ensures the optimal approach for your HubSpot implementation, aligning it with your company's unique requirements and aspirations.

  • Lead Management Planning
  • Sales Process Mapping
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Lead Capture & Conversion Path Design

HubSpot Portal Setup & Optimization

Next, we configure the portal settings, aligning them with your brand identity, preferences, and industry standards. This includes setting up custom properties, templates, and integrations that align with your objectives


Marketing Hub

Setting up HubSpot's Marketing Hub involves configuring a suite of powerful tools tailored to your company's unique marketing objectives.

This process encompasses creating targeted email campaigns, optimizing landing pages, integrating lead capture forms, and establishing automation workflows. By efficiently setting up the Marketing Hub, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts and improve overall performance.


Sales Hub

Setting up HubSpot's Sales Hub involves leveraging a set of robust tools designed to enhance your company's sales processes and drive revenue growth.

The process includes customizing deal stages, managing pipelines, implementing automation sequences, and configuring sales notifications. By effectively setting up the Sales Hub, businesses can optimize their sales efforts, leading to more efficient lead management and higher conversion rates.


Website & Conversions

Setting up HubSpot's CMS Hub entails configuring a powerful and user-friendly content management system designed to create and manage your company's website and digital content.

The process involves setting up responsive page templates, integrating custom modules, implementing SEO best practices, and ensuring a seamless user experience. By efficiently setting up the CMS Hub, businesses can effectively manage their digital presence while providing engaging and personalized experiences for their visitors.


Reporting & Analytics

Setting up HubSpot's reporting and dashboards involves configuring a comprehensive suite of analytical tools designed to provide valuable insights into your company's marketing, sales, and customer service performance.

The process includes creating custom reports, establishing relevant KPIs, and organizing data in visually appealing and easily accessible dashboards. By effectively setting up reporting and dashboards in HubSpot, businesses can make data-driven decisions that enhance overall performance and drive growth.


Team Training & Off-Boarding

Team training and off-boarding play a crucial role in ensuring your team is well-prepared to harness the full potential of the HubSpot system we have just set up.

Our comprehensive training sessions focus on familiarizing your team with the platform's various features and functionalities, empowering them to confidently navigate and manage the marketing, sales, and customer service tools.

We offer hands-on guidance, addressing any questions and concerns while sharing best practices for maximizing efficiency. By providing tailored training and offboarding support, we enable your team to effectively leverage the HubSpot system, ultimately driving your company's success and growth.

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"Drive Agency is a true partner for collaborative and strategic HubSpot consulting."

A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora
Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

For project based work:

Project based work which has a definitive scope of work, start date, and end date (eg: custom module development or a website migration) has a minimum level of engagement of $5,000.

The total cost for project based work will depend on the scope of the project.

For monthly retainers:

Many companies engage us on an ongoing monthly basis, which provides access to our knowledge, team and resources in a way that's typically more flexible and cost effective than hiring full-time employees.

Our minimum level of engagement for monthly retainers is $5,000 per month (1 month min).

Are you a Certified HubSpot Partner?

Yes - our agency is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, and has a long history of helping HubSpot customers reach their full potential on the HubSpot platform.

Click here to have a look at our HubSpot Partner profile and client reviews.

What are your specialties?

Traffic Generation

Identify your ideal prospects, what makes them tick, and where they are in the "buyers journey." Drive quality traffic to targeted areas of your website to convert visitors into valuable leads.

HubSpot Website Development & Optimization

Create a lead-generating website, landing pages and blog on HubSpot CMS that your team can manage without a developer.

HubSpot Onboarding

Create a lead and deal management platform using HubSpot's marketing and sales automation tools to build a frictionless ROI machine

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