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Playbook: HubSpot Website Development

1. Strategy + Planning

Before development kickoff, we'll meet with the key members of the team to develop buyer personas and fully understand the goals for the website. This planning enables our team to design and build a website that looks great and delivers the results that matter to your business.
Define the client's overall business goals and what role the website plays in achieving them.
Buyer Personas
Define the companies the client wants to work with, the decision-makers at those companies, and how the client's service offering can help.
Conversion Plan
How will the website convert visitors into leads, deals and new business for the client.


2. Design

Convert wireframes into a cohesive website design that's mobile responsive and renders consistently across all devices and web browsers including IE Edge, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.


3. Development

Development of custom website and landing page templates using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the latest version of HubL (HubSpot's coding language).
Once the website is complete, the business's team should be able to manage the entire website without a developer using HubSpot's new drag-and-drop site builder.


4. Content Migration

Migrate all images, text and blog posts from the client's current hosting platform to HubSpot.
Creative asset optimization
Re-building or migrating a website to a new CMS like HubSpot is a perfect opportunity to compress image, video and other web assets which may be slowing down page speed.
Content migration
Migrate assets from old platform to HubSpot.


5. On-Page SEO

We'll perform keyword research before development starts to ensure the site is built using SEO best practices including title tag and meta description optimization, properly configured HTML headings, internal page linking, page speed optimization and more.
Keyword research
Research and define valuable keywords for the business.
Page title and meta data
Ensure each page title and meta data are properly formatted and contain important keywords.
Page headings
Ensure each page has one <h1> tag and that lower headers (h2, h3, h4, etc) contain important keywords.
Page speed
Ensure each page creative assets are compressed and images are lazy-loaded to improve page speed.


6. Conversion Optimization

HubSpot offers many tools to help convert website traffic into valuable leads, clients and customers. During development, we'll implement the following HubSpot conversion tools to turn your website into a lead generation machine.
Build custom forms that connect your website directly to HubSpot CRM.
Convert more of your visitors into qualified leads with calls-to-action you can personalize, test, and optimize.
Live Chat
Automatically connect visitors to the right people on your team by routing a customer inquiry to your services team, or passing a lead to the salesperson who owns the relationship.
Create bots that help you qualify leads, book meetings, provide answers to common customer support questions, and more — so your team can focus on the conversations that matter most.
Smart Content
HubSpot's Smart Content feature can alter the content of web pages depending on specific viewer characteristics and criteria you have stored about your contacts in your HubSpot CRM. This personalization of content can be great for account based marketing.


7. HubSpot Setup and Implementation

Integrate your website with the rest of your HubSpot tools to ensure your site is ready to launch.
  • HubSpot hosting setup
  • Website analytics implementation
  • Pixels and 3rd party tracking code installation
  • Domain name setup
  • Website traffic reporting
  • SSL implementation


8. Team Training

Our goal is to make sure your team is comfortable editing your Hubspot hosted website and are following best practices for your content.
If your business has existing developers we will train them on the nuances of HubSpot CMS such as local development, Design Manager, HubSpot CLI, website security best practices, serverless functions and more.


Website Strategy Guides

Once your website is complete, you'll receive a series of playbooks to help your team ensure the website stays optimized and continues to produce results.
Website SEO Guide
Actionable recommendations on how to optimize your site for SEO best practices.
Conversion Optimization Guide
Learn how to properly use landing pages, CTAs, conversations, chatbots and personalized content to turn your HubSpot website into an inbound lead generation machine.
Page Speed Optimization Guide
Google favors websites that load fast. This guide will teach you easy-to-implement tricks to improve page speed and rank on the first page of Google faster.


On-Going Support

Once development is complete, we're here to assist as little or much as needed with optional on-going website development and marketing strategy including custom coding, HubSpot Portal reviews, one-on-one consulting, unlimited email support and more.

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